You are just ignorant and jealous -Bebe Cool attacks Bobi wine

Gagamel boss Bebe Cool has come out to sting his eternal nemesis Fire base crew leader Bobi Wine in a Facebook post.

This was after Bobi Wine lashed out at musicians led by Jose Chameleon who took to Gulu to meet Gen Salim Saleh.

This group aimed at seeing how best the government can assist the music industry especially after being hit hard by COVID 19.

Bobi wine however feels that these musicians stooped so low and only relegated themselves to beggars from the government.

The former presidential candidate in a lengthy Facebook post said that he doesn’t know why artistes can’t wake up and fight for what’s theirs.

The NUP principle said that musicians are stupid because the government even after hurting them still goes ahead to control them citing a popular Stalin story.

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Bobi wine also criticised the Uganda Music Association which he said they created to fight for the welfare of musicians but it has just become more of a Uganda beggars association.

He told them that the earlier they wake up,the better they will realise that the government is not helping them but rather suffocating them and turning them against the oppressed people.

However, in another lengthy post, Kiwatule based singer Bebe Cool also feels that Bobi wine made his conclusion based on ignorance and jealousy.

The Gagamel boss said that not all musicians who go to Gulu meet the general but some meet the chief coordinator of operation wealth creation which has a mandate to uplift all Ugandans from poverty.

Bebe Cool commended musicians for engaging with the government to uplift the industry and told them to continue doing so.

“I therefore want to correct my young brother Bobi Wine on his ignorant post that whatever funds artistes get from the General are not handouts but rather entitled financial relief. Therefore I want to thank general Saleh for engaging the artistes in this fight to find the solution to the challenges in the creative arts.” Bebe Cool posted.

Bebe Cool added that he knows Bobi wine has been seeing different artistes over time meet Gen Saleh but kept silent.

However, when it was his direct lifetime music competitor Dr Jose Chameleon, he decided to make the negative long post.

The Kasepiki singer reminded the former presidential candidate of his selfishness saying he’s abroad soliciting for funds for his personal use.

He doesn’t think about his fellow musicians and even when he was in parliament, he never made any bill to help the music industry.

Finally Bebe Cool advised Bobi Wine to come to terms with reality saying the time for politicking ended the day he lost in the elections.

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