Winnie Nwagi so Desperate for a Man

Singer Winfred Nakanwagi aka Winnie Nwagi has come out to express her desperation for a serious man to warm her cold lonely nights.

Despite the fame and success, the curvaceous and beautiful singer has failed to nail a man of her own down yet she’s aging up with each passing year.

Nwagi who was once in a relationship broke up with her baby daddy bitterly after things became sour. The Musawo singer has maintained “celibacy” since then.

Taking to her Twitter Nwagi wondered if she will ever be a bride.

“Will I ever be a bride?” Nwagi questioned.

The singer who these days performs at weddings seems to have fallen in love with the idea of being someone’s wife.

She has however scared many potential men off her gorgeous curves due to her hot temper.

Many men fear to approach her in fear that she might thump them to pulp as she’s been famous for recently.

Nwagi has however been linked to a string of men in town including fellow singer Chozen Blood.

Nwagi however seemed to have got cold replies from fans as she tweeted another controversial tweet.

The Sasi ku Nyama in her other tweet said that when this pandemic is over, she will become a nun.

“When all this pandemic shit is done, I’m going to be a nun…..Will dedicate my life to God.” Nwagi tweeted.

Fans were quick to tell her how this wasn’t her area of calling and she won’t manage.

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