Winnie Nwagi has Influenced You Into Nudity- Fans Tell Spice Diana

Hajarah Namukwaya aka Spice Diana left her followers in shock after she dropped a number of her photos semi naked.

The singer was even not indoors but along a road standing besides her red range Rover.

The amazing beautiful singer has a number of times teased her fans with with raunchy and sizzling pics but took it a step further.

As some fans busy salivating and drooling over the pics some fans displeased by these pics and we talk ahead to lecture her on how to dress in public.

Some went ahead to say that her friendship with swangz avenue singer with whom they hang out lately together was the cause.

This is because Winnie Nwagi and nudity are like twins and fans feel she’s a bad influence for Spice Diana.

“Rema will always be the best female musician in Uganda because she respects her body.” One fan showed their distaste for the pics.

“Some celebrities nowadays to do that to chase rich guys like politicians , sons of the rich and pretend they are hustlers making their own money yet hmm pose naked to attract men.” A displeased fan commented.

Thanks for killing a thousand Ugandan men with one stone and condolences to Goliath’s family, sorry for losing such a strong man with only one stone.” A fan jokingly commented.

“This is too much spicy, this is why Allah is punishing us, I like you but this condition we are in, we need to seek God’s mercy not to undress, kyusamu Bambi.” A fan advised the singer to seek God’s mercy.

“Kim Kardashian still regrets of the nudity she over did cos she said I really don’t know how my kids will take it when they grow up but I will explain to them when they grow up. Kim Kardashian reaching an extent of regretting how about you, only so called Ugandan musician. Ugandan celebrities you over copy.” An angry fan said.

The singer however told them to go ahead and preach they would be fine soon.

This clearly shows that she didn’t care about their opinions as long as she’s happy.

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