Wi Winnie Nwagi hits 1 million IG followers, unblocks ‘disgusting’ fans


Swangz Avenue singer Winnie Nwagi recently became one of the few female celebrities to hit the nine figure following on Instagram.

The Musawo singer now boasts of one million Instagram followers alongside other artistes such as Sheebah, Spice Diana and Lydia Jazmine.

Nwagi who is currently in the UK for a music tour proceeded to unblock her comment section which she had deactivated a few days ago.

The curvaceous singer had gotten tired of her fans’ comments as she referred to them as disgusting.

These have been constantly trying to opinionate her personal lifestyle.

Advice on how to dress and behave had become a norm on Nwagi’s Instagram from her followers.

She went ahead to tell all those who were offended to look for her and beat her but won’t be entertaining them on her IG.

It however seems she has decided to ignore the bad tomatoes and spare the good ones who always want to shower with lovely comments.

Meanwhile she released her music anticipated Sasi ku nyama video.

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