Weasel over the moon as Chameleone gifts him monstrous ride


Singer Weasel Manizo is over the moon after his older brother Jose Chameleone gifted him a monstrous ride.

It’s however not the Range Rover that the Leone island boss got recently from President Museveni’s brother.

It’s rather his Toyota Land Cruiser V8 which was also allegedly gifted to him by a south Sudanese fan.

Weasel took to his Facebook page to thank Chameleone saying he’s now Weasel V8.

“Thank you Jcha,000,000. My new name now is Weasel V8,” the Ebyaana singer posted on his Facebook page.

It’s always good to give whenever you receive because you get more blessings.

Who knows Milikwezi could next time be gifted an airplane or Lamborghini because it’s a giving heart that receives.

Meanwhile Weasel has been the most excited about the Range Rover and was seen a few days ago lighting a a roll of marijuana on the car.

He proceeded to say that these were rituals of initiating the car into the family.

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