Weasel Could Be The Father Of Grace Khan’s Unborn Baby


Renowned smart wire singer Weasel Manizo could be at it again and this time in a more shocking way in unzipping his trousers.

The latest rumors have it that the Ebyaana singer could be the father of Grace Khan’s unborn child.

Ever since the news broke out of Grace Khan’s pregnancy, speculation has been high on who the father could be.

All the evidence has been pointing to foreign based singer Prince Omar as the culprit.

Omar however came out a few days ago to deny these rumors saying that he doesn’t even know Grace Khan personally.

Grace Khan has also been coy about who the baby daddy is and during her recent baby shower shed bucketfuls of tears saying the man who made her pregnant ran away.

It’s said that she revealed to her friends that Uganda’s one and only sharp shooting father Abraham Weasel Manizo is responsible.

We however don’t know why Weasel would deny a pregnancy or be shocked by it because this is a game of chess for him in which he’s the king.

Well we shall keep you updated with this story.

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