Black Market Records

War Erupts Between Black Market Records And It’s Former Artistes

A war that seems to bear negative fruits seems to have broken out between local music label Black Market Records and some of it’s former singers Nina Roz and Bruno K.

According to these singers, they accuse the label of duping them to sign exploitative contracts which haven’t even been fulfilled.

Bruno K was the first to go to war with the label and opted out before Nina Roz joined in the exodus.

For Nina, she even accused the label of deleting her YouTube account and promised to sue them if they don’t hand it back.

However, according to the label, these artists don’t know the fire they are playing with but soon they will know that it burns.

Talking to Spark TV in a phone call interview, one of the label’s directors Mulungi Tonny said that these artistes can’t just run away after being invested in heavily.

He added that they have put a lot of money and resources in branding these artistes and if they don’t honor their contracts, then the courts of law will be the ones to find a solution for them.

“For Nina Roz, we don’t know where her YouTube account is, she’s the one with the log in details. Bruno K will also be dealt with and other artistes will learn from them. We are going sue the hell out of them. We can’t invest in you and after all the resources we have put in you, you run away.” He said.

He also warned other artistes who work with these artistes that their music will be pulled down.

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