Vincent Ssegawa

Vincent Ssegawa Finally Shows Up After Death Rumors

Former Kadongo Kamu singer Vincent Ssegawa aka Lukeman Ssegawa finally made his first public appearance yesterday after having been arrested with others from his home some weeks back.

The singer was arrested on charges of harboring and training minors in terrorism activities.

This was due to the fact that he owned an orphanage that had a number of children who were being tutored under his watch.

While under detention, a rumor circulated on social media about how he had died in custody.

This spread and many people believed it was true which even forced his wife to plead with the President to have her husband released dead or alive.

However, he was released yesterday alongside his counterparts and recounted his days behind bars.

“Security forces raided and arrested us after Intel that we were training children to become terrorists. This was spread by some people who don’t like us. After reaching the detention centre, we were now accused of having guns. They recorded statements from each one of us and took us into a room where you couldn’t see even the sunshine. Good enough we were not tortured but psychologically we were because of the charges and not knowing how our families were,” Ssegawa said.

It should be recalled that Ssegawa some time back converted from Christianity to Islam.

He quit his music too and everything secular and does not want to be associated with it anymore.

While talking to Spark TV last week, his musical foe Mathias Walukaaga said that he knew Ssegawa very well and he couldn’t be a terrorist.

Walukaaga said that Ssegawa is good at making stunts and someone might have promised him a lucrative deal in Islam.

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