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Unfollow Me If You Don’t Like My Bikini Pics – Sheila Gashumba

Socialite Gashumba and media personality Sheila Gashumba has come out to tell all those on her social media pages to unfollow her if they don’t want her bikini pics.

The pencil thin socialite who is currently vacaying in Dubai said that with the weather so hot there, there is nothing she will be putting on.

It’s either her followers to click unfollow all brace themselves for her petite bikini body.

“I have never traveled this light; Swimsuits, Martinellis, and TkBerriez Skin Care line!! It’s 70 degrees in Dubai so if you expect any photos posted of me in the next 12 days that aren’t bikini shots by the pool or yacht then you must unfollow me now,” Sheila Gsshumba posted.

This is not the first and won’t be the last Sheila is posting her semi nude pics.

For long she has drawn mixed reactions from posting her meagre butt in simply a thong.

Some enjoy it as they don’t like it thick while the thick lovers probably don’t rate her.

However as long as Rick Man enjoys her Vandimwe land, it’s all that matters to her.

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