Tindatine’s Sister Curses Her


They say relatives/siblings are jars which don’t break even after clashing but it seems unlikely for faded singer Lady Mariam Tindatine and her sister Kirungi Swabra.

Kirungi accuses her sister Tindatine of doing evil things to her such as chewing her hard earned money from Kyeyo.

She adds that the two are only siblings but the things Tindatine has done to her despicable.

Kirungi says that apart from the 7 million shillings that has seen them appear in the news, she first chewed her 11 million shillings and vanished for 3 years.

“Lady Mariam has done so many bad things to me. At first I came from Malaysia with Shs 11m and she picked me form the airport. She then took me to her struggling bar in Kireka and said I can invest in it as she was going to Tanzania to get married and nolonger needed it. She later came back and fired all the workers and reclaimed the bar with my money in it. I told her to at least give me Shs 6m so that I go back for Kyeyo but she told she had no money even after selling off the bar. This is not the first time she’s scheming my money. Even after sending her the 7m shillings to buy me the house, she chewed it,” a teary Swabra narrated.

Swabra said that what hurts her the most is Tindatine denying to be her sister publicly as she added that all their relatives died.

She added that even if she ever dies, Tindatine should not come to bury her because she has made life a living hell for her.

Swabra also revealed how her sister practices witchcraft and has tried to seduce her to join it several times but she’s rejected the offer.

Lady Mariam was called to clear the air but as soon as she heard the issues were about her sister, she cut off the call.

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