The older singers are responsible for our success – Spice Diana


Musician Spice Diana has come out to praise the older crop of singers saying it’s the hard work and sweat of these that the present singers are thriving on.

She made the comments in a social media video posted on her social media pages.

The Onsanula singer said that these had worked tooth and nail to push the industry to where it is now and many of them are idols to the current singers.

“I want to take this opportunity to appreciate the older singers. If these had not worked so hard, probably our generation wouldn’t be this successful or even have made it. I think it’s necessary for all of us as the younger artists to appreciate them,” she said.

This is a sentiment which has been shared by majority singers from the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

These feel that they are the greatest pillar of Ugandan music but don’t get the credit and respect they deserve.

Bebe Cool while appearing on NBS After 5 program this week said that the Ugandan music industry was built by him, Bobi Wine and Dr Jose Chameleone.

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