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The Late Moze Radio’s Mother Calls Out For Help

The late Moze Radio’s mother yesterd called out for help while appearing on Spark TV.

She also reminded the Ministry of Tourism of it’s promise after Radio’s death.

It should be recalled that after the late singer passed on, the Ministry came out to promise that it would his grave into some sort of tourist attraction.

How up to now nothing has yet been done.

She said that almost everyone has the late singer’s new and old songs in their phones.

However she’s the one with the Radio’s grandkids and siblings and therefore wants to be helped.

She had been visited by Wisdom Kaye who was delivering help from a well wisher in South Africa.

Wisdom said that all those artistes who are flocking to Gulu should think about Radio’s family because he did a lot for the industry.

“Radio was and will always be an icon. Many singers and those who are yet to sing look up to him. Therefore those artistes going to Gulu and all the forums there should think about Radio’s family.” Wisdom said

Radio’s mother said that Minister Godfrey Kiwanda had promised to turn the grave if the former Goodlyf singer but after sometime he refused picking up their calls.

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