Catherine Kusasira

Am The Best Candidate To Stand For EALA-Catherine Kusasira

Golden Band singer Catherine Kusasira yesterday announced her intentions to stand for the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) while appearing on Spark TV yesterday.

Kusasira said that for long she has been telling people how she’s not into politics but this time she has made up her mid to join the regional parliamentary house.

Kusasira added that she will stand on the NRM ticket before adding that she has all the academic credentials.

She then announced how she’s one of the sweetest candidates that is about to grace the politics of the region.

“I’m going to run for the EALA seat on the NRM ticket. I have all the academic credentials because those needed for EALA are the ones needed in Uganda and I have them. Therefore in 2022 am going to be one of the sweetest candidates standing for EALA.” Kusasira said.

However when events promoter Bajjo heard this, he immediately said that Kusasira is depressed and should seek counseling.

Bajjo wondered which language Kusasira is going to be using since she doesn’t know English according to him.

He also questioned her academic credentials which he doubts she possesses.

Bajjo also questioned how someone who can’t spell the word presidential advisor dreams of running for the EALA seat.

This was after Kusasira was tasked to spell the letters of the title “Presidential advisor” that she holds but miserably failed.

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