Stop hosting me before making research on me – OS Suuna furiously walks out of studio


Anyone hosting or writing about singer Omulangira Suuna currently has to make sure they have done enough research about him.

Short of this, they will find themselves on the run or behind bars and so this article had to be proof checked.

Back to the point, the singer yesterday angrily stormed out of STV studios after he was described as a Moslem.

The presenter of the program tried to sweeten her intro of Suuna but somehow got it wrong and the volcano erupted.

Suuna was described as a Moslem something that got him out of sanity.

He questioned the TV host whether she was sure he’s a Moslem.

After the host insisting she knows him as a Moselm, Suuna left her a lesson plus her fellow media hosts.

“Are you sure I’m a Moslem? Now let me lecture all of you hosts, before you host a person always make sure to make enough research about them to know what’s going on with them. Stop hosting us and then ask stupid questions,” Suuna said.

After this, the gambler singer angrily walked out of studio.

The singer converted to Islam after marrying his ex wife a few years ago and even sang some Islamic songs but the relationship didn’t last long.

Suuna has in the past few weeks and months laughed a war against the media.

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