Bajjo on Mohammad Ssegirinya

Stop Being Like A Housefly -Bajjo Advises Ssegirinya

Andrew Bajjo is well known for his vicious attacks on people he doesn’t agree with and he makes sure to drag them all the way.

After ferociously attacking the Mayanja brothers and fellow events promoter Balaam, Bajjo has now turned his guns on Kawempe North Mp Muhammad Ssegirinya.

Bajjo said that Ssegirinya is like a housefly who lacks what to do because he usually jumps on everything he hears with no evidence.

This was after Ssegirinya’s gambling of incarcerated NUP social media propagandist Fred Lumbuye whereabouts.

Lumbuye was rumored at first to be in Turkey where NUP lawyers went to retrieve him.

Then Ssegieinya announced how he was going to the Turkish embassy for diplomatic talks to release Lumbuye.

He later on provided an update that Lumbuye had been safely flown to the Netherlands for asylum.

However up to now Lumbuye’s whereabouts are unclear to both NUP and the general public.

Rumor has it however that he’s being kept at Gulu military barracks.

This prompted some NUP cadres to threaten how they are taking the government to court to produce Lumbuye.

Bajjo however says that this is a confused bunch of fellas who don’t know what they are supposed to do.

“Look at Ssegirinya, he’s always up and down. He just jumps on everything he hears with no conclusive evidence. He’s saying this and that because of no information. He will soon be going to Gulu to look for Lumbuye after hearing that it’s where he is being kept.” Bajjo said.

Bajjo added that he will also throw a few concert once he confirms that Lumbuye was indeed arrested.

He also said that the reason Bobi Wine distances himself from the likes of Take, Ssegirinya and the Lumbuye talk is because he knows it undermines his reputation.

It should be recalled that Bajjo and Ssegirinya have a common denominator which is full Figure.

Bajjo has ever dated the presidential advisor but she said she rejected Ssegirinya some time back due to his poor hygiene.

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