Stella Nyanzi Reveals How Kenneth Mugabi’s Music Almost Made Her Pee In Her Undies

If you really want anything sexually controversial, then visit embattled former Makerere University professor, Dr Stella Nyanzi Facebook page.

The former aspirant for woman Mp for Kampala lays it all bare footed on her Facebook page especially her sexual lifestyle, imaginations, fantasies and all things you wouldn’t expect from a 40+ cougar.

However, basing on the fact that she’s a westernized Nalongo with expertise in sexuality studies, Stella doesn’t hold back at all.

She took to her Facebook page to heap praise on local singer Kenneth Mugabi.

Mugabi is an absolutely talented artiste who revels in the African folklore genre and for people with a musical ear, he’s an absolute gem.

Stella Nyanzi said that it was a pure pleasure for her to consume the music of one of Uganda’s younger talented musicians.

She however could not decide which song of Mugabi she preferred from the likes of”Oliwa gwe owa’amaaso, Amaaso gotulo galimu ekimyansuka to Kibunomu or Olugendo.

She however said that finally she settled for Naliwo and “Saasira” which is a very powerful prayer song basing on the fact that Uganda is in it’s second lockdown.

Just like how Nyanzi is poetic in her writings, she credited Mugabi for the same, employing Luganda metaphors, riddles, proverbs, allegories and legendary characters that reinvoke the culture of the Baganda.

She went ahead to praise his voice and genre he calls Afrosoul. Nyanzi only wished if her lover just had Mugabi’s voice while they are at it.

Nyanzi said that Mugabi’s music is now her daily medicine and listens to it whenever she’s doing her daily activities.

Ofcourse she couldn’t sign out without sexualizing the post.

She said that someone should help her and tell Mugabi that her music gives her goosebumps.

“Someone please tell Kenneth Mugabi for me, that the beauty of his music made me cry and I almost peed in my pants from the thrill of emotions stirred deep inside my being. The drama in several of his videos is comedic, while some is tragic. Humor, mischief and cheekiness are among the highlights of his songs. His big flashy smile lights up the world on any day.” Nyanzi complimented Mugabi.

Hope with all these compliments, the milf is not planning to take her chances and the much younger than Mugabi since she’s got an eye for much younger men.

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