Ssematimba’s Wire Needs a Spiritual Healing – Pastor Sempa

Pastor Sempa has come out to advise Peter Ssematimba to get born again and this time round it’s his private parts that need deliverance.

This comes at the shock revelation by the former Busiro South legislator’s maid a one Namatovu Joan who said that she sired a child with him.

Ssematimba was however blocking her from accessing the child and wanted to gain full custody.

Namatovu came out pleading on different media houses seeking for help from anyone who could because she has never been to court and doesn’t know any court procedure.

She added that as a concerned mother, she can’t let her daughter grow up in Ssematimba’s house which is run like a lodge by the politician.

Many people have come out to express their views about this whole saga and everyone is shocked.

One of these was city vocal pastor Martin Sempa. Sempa who is known from not shying away in making his opinions known attacked the pastor cum politician.

Sempa said that what Ssematimba had done was not expected from a man of his calibre.

He added that Ssematimba had to accept the Lord Jesus Christ and become born again.

Sempa added that Ssematimba might be born again theoretically but he needs to do it practically too.

He also said that Ssematimba’s private parts which tempt him to sleep with house maids need to be delivered.

“It’s a shame for man like Ssematimba to do what he did. I would advise him to first and foremost apologize to the court of heaven and ask God for forgiveness. Next he needs to become born again but this time it should be for his private parts which always lead him into temptation to sleep with maids.” Sempa said on Spark TV’s Livewire program.

It should be recalled that Namatovu was brought by Ssematimba’s mother to work in the home at the request of the Super FM proprietor’s wife.

This was after the previous maid had been sacked by Ssematimba’s wife after the former MP slept with her.

Sempa added that Ssematimba owed them an apology as pastors for he had tarnished their name citing a popular luganda proverb.

“The Baganda say ‘omulya mmamba abeera omu navumaganya ekika kyonna’. Now here the ‘mulya house girl’ is one and has tarnished the name of all pastors. So Ssematimba therefore owes us an apology as pastors.”

Sempa went ahead to say that he had seen Ssematimba’s behavior in campaign rallies for his MP race were unusual.

He talked of how he’s full of pride and boasting about himself a thing that charmed the ladies there in Busiro coupled with his make-up.


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