Spice Diana reveals her relationship status


Singer Hajarah Namukwaya has finally let the cat out of the bag by revealing that she’s in a relationship.

The diva said that she however doesn’t want to reveal the identity of her man reason she keeps it secretive.

Spice Diana add d that a beautiful woman of her Calibre cannot be single with no man enjoying her fruits and vegetables.

She also revealed that she lost her goat long time ago because she has a lot of feelings for the game.

“It’s true I have a man. I’m in a serious relationship just because that I don’t show off my man publicly. I’m a very beautiful woman and there is no way I can be single. I’m not a ‘nakyeyombekedde.’ I’m a human being with feelings and I won’t lie that I’m single nor am I a virgin,” Spice Diana said in an interview with NBS TV.

For a long time, the Onsanula singer’s relationship status has been up for questioning with most being rumors.

It was alleged that she was bedding her manager, Roger but vehemently denied this.

There was even claims of her bonking an anonymous rich city dude something that was also unproven.

She has however decided to finally reveal that she’s not in the class of the singles and we wish her all the best.

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