South Africa Deserves a Good President like Yoweri Museveni – Sheila Gashumba

Media personality and socialite Sheila Gashumba has has come out through her Twitter page to advise South African President Cyril Ramaphosa to seek advice from his Ugandan counterpart, President Museveni on how to calm down protesters.

This follows horrendous protests from across the the country in the south following the prison sentence handed over to former president Jacob Zuma.

Zuma was sentenced to a 15 month jail sentence for corruption but said that sending him to jail is like a death sentence due to the COVID 19 pandemic that’s even worse in South Africa.

He however started serving this term a few days ago which has caused chaos across the major towns in the country.

So far 72 people have been confirmed dead with thousands of arrests.

Looting, robbery and other violent activities have that are gross to watch have taken over.

This is where the socialite who has in the past few weeks been down in the Cape shooting new material for her upcoming TV project came in to advise.

She said that President Museveni would never let such a thing to happen in Uganda.

“I think SouthAfrica needs
as President , this chaos in SA wouldn’t be happening. One thing about
he would have everything in control.
should call him for some advice !! Its heartbreaking watching the riot videos.” Sheila posted on her Twitter page.

This however did not go down well with her followers asking if she was trying to justify the deaths caused by security forces in the pre and post election period.

“South africa atleast has some democracy. Cops and army value people’s lives not like Uganda where they abuse human rights.
Big up to SA security services.”

“Are u trying to justify M7 for his killings of innocent unarmed citizens. Remember November 18th last year what M7’s army did!”

“SA is at least trying to implement democracy that’s why but with our military govt trust me it can’t last for a day.”

“South Africa is next to Egypt wen it comes to military might in Africa, but wen pipo rise, only GOD can stop them. Pray it doesn’t happen here.”

“Museveni would not last a day as president in that country.
No SADF would shoot at citizens like it happens in Uganda.
Some Countries still treasure their democracy and rule of law.”

“If by any chance your father is reading this. He is by all means regretting not to have schooled you.”

“Did you justify the death of your own brothers and sisters as ‘having things in control??’
Sometimes people make it hard to like them.”

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