Irene Ntale

Songstress Irene Ntale Disses Ugandan Men

Songstress Irene Ntale has come out to diss Ugandan men on how they nolonger know how to vibe.

The singer who has been largely single ever since she broke onto the scene took to her Twitter handle to question what happened to Ugandan men.

It seems like back in the day they had the vibe but it really declined.

“Banange no! Ugandan men don’t know how to vibe anymore, what happened? Irene Ntale tweeted.

This prompted a number of replies from the readers.

“Ekikulu wekoza. Ne DM yo eri closed. Nali nkukwanyeeko? Abakukwaana miyaayu.” A tweet read to which Ntale told him to vibe her from the open space.

“We no longer want to waste time on useless things, I vibe you once, newebuzabuza nga nkuleka abakazi banji.” A tweet read and Irene Ntale asked if they can nolonger play hard to get.

“You have problems my sister. I didn’t expect such statement form a lady like you. Anyway the ones that vibe u currently don’t know may be they don’t value u. Omanyi namwe mwayononeka fumbirwa gasiya.”

“When a lady puts guards and fences, men will choose to go for what doesn’t have fences and guards. And always the lady who’s harder to approach will be the loser in this. See that with how many simple approachable girls are getting married…” Another Twitter follower said.

“Okuzina kwetutegeera enyo kati.” Another went which prompted a laughter from the Sembera singer.

Ntale has mantained that she’s single and will be not until her prince charming shows up.

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