Looqman Ssegawa

Sisiri Hit Maker Vincent Segawa Rumoured Dead

Sisiri hit maker and faded Kadongokamu singer Vincent Segawa is rumoured dead according to reports making rounds.

According to Police reports last month Segawa was arrested after being allegedly involving in children trafficking activities after 40 children were rescued from his orphanage facility in Luwero.
According to Charles Twine, the CID spokesperson, the “Sisiri” singer was among a handful of people under Police custody on investigations charges of child trafficking.

However according to unconfirmed reports, it is said that Segawa reported passed away on Friday morning and details of his death still remain scanty.

Pearl post could not speak to the family or relatives to verify the reports, although some claimed the death reports were a stunt for his planned comeback in the music industry.

The ‘Sisiri’ Singer previously converted to Islam and dropped the Vincent name to become Lukman Segawa.
Shortly after concerting from Christianity to Islam, struggling Kadongo Kamu country music singer Vincent Segawa really name, Lukeman Ibrahim Segawa deleted all his music projects from his YouTube channel.

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