Singer Winnie Nwagi undergoing musical depression


It might seem like the type of work where you get to enjoy all the luxurious lifestyle one has ever dreamt of without doing manual labor but it seems music has it’s limits too.

And it seems like the beautiful and curvaceous Winnie Nwagi has hit these limits.

The Swangz Avenue singer seems to be undergoing a musical breakdown according to her latest social media post.

Nwagi took to her social media to post that if there was something else she could do besides singing, she could have aborted her buzzing career.

“If I had another option I swear I’ld quit music…God help me. Am tayaaaaad….,” She posted on her social media handles.

The talented singer is one of the most selling artistes of her time in Uganda.

Besides her looks that men seem to crave for so much, Nwagi also has an amazingly beautiful voice.

The singer however is one that is known for the notoriety of her off the screen lifestyle.

Nwagi has severally been involved in a number of scandals such as violence, inappropriate dressing and doping.

This has made her to clash with most of her followers as she always throws back insults to them.

She even recently deactivated the comments on her Instagram page as she labeled some of her fans disgusting.

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