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Singer Omulangira Suuna Accused Of having A Shrine

Singer OS seems like he’s become embroiled in a battle with social media bloggers.

Suuna who appeared furious in an interview with Spark TV yesterday asked the UCC to regulate these bloggers who he accused of spreading poisonous rumors.

This was after it was discovered that the singer was posing off with properties of his sugar mom saying they are his.

These included a forest and a storied building which Suuna said that he accumulated through his businesses.

It was however revealed that the singer was looking for relevance hence the stunts.

Blogger Isma Olaxees added that Suuna is a faded musician who even had a shrine at his home.

“Suuna should stop claiming he’s young, he’s just malnourished. Besides he’s a faded artist. He also has a family shrine at his home and should stop denying it because it’s not bad to have one.” Isma said.

Learning of all these accusations, OS said that he’s a matured man who has accumulated all his wealth through his hardwork.

He went ahead to show off his range Rover adding that he has more cars at his home.

Suuna who was bitter wondered why these bloggers can’t talk about the good things he has but rather focus on the bad things.

“I have alot of property,why can’t they speak about it. I pay taxes for all my three expensive cars. Why does anyone want me to show the card or land titles of my buildings, do they want to steal them. I think UCC should start regulating these so called broke bloggers.” OS bellowed out.

Isma however maintained that all what Suuna is showing off is power of his loins and nothing much.

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