Sheila Gashumba advises Ugandan artistes to stop moving with useless people


NBS After 5’s newest presenter Sheila Gashumba had advice for Ugandan artists on her first edition on the show.

She said that these artists should stop moving around with useless people in their crews.

The socialite also advised Ugandan artists to start investing heavily in their social media activity.

“I advise Ugandan artistes to stop moving around with useless people. You find an artiste moving in a group of 8 people who all have no use to him/ her. They should be moving with their official DJ, photographer and maybe the manager. They should also learn to invest in their social media. Most go abroad and claim to do shows but we see nothing on their social media platforms. It’s all a game of numbers,” Sheila said.

She said that the reason Nigerians are getting many bookings and airplay in East Africa is because they invest and pay the PRO’s a lot.

Sheila also had some advice for Jose Chameleone on how to regain his top spot in East Africa from Diamond Platinumz.

She said that the Leone Island boss should resort to singing a lot of Swahili like he used to because it’s what made him big.

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  1. Lil Brains for a Lil girlee!

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