Sheebah Karungi

Sheebah Offers Love Advice To Her Followers

With her relationship status unknown and having had no known intimate partner for all the time she’s been in the music game, Sheebah Karungi would be the last person to take relationship advice from.

However, they say do as I say and not as I do, the Queen Karma therefore came out to give some relationship advice to social media followers.

The musician said that love is a beautiful thing but she thinks the problem is people rush into it.

These then give out their hearts to anyone they find plausible when they have not showed they deserve them.

“Love is a beautiful thing but I think the problem is we give people our hearts before they even earn it.” Sheebah posted on her Twitter page.

This was a surprise to some of her fans who questioned whetherits the reason she hasn’t fallen in love yet.

Take all the time you need queen, the world is not ending anytime soon.

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