Sheebah Admits Her Admiration for City Businessman Hamis Kiggundu

Singer Sheebah has come out to express her admiration of city businessman Hamis Kiggundu popularly known as Ham.

It’s no secret the young businessman is one of the stinking rich moguls in the country. Young people have been inspired by the businessman and some celebrities such as Pallaso, Bobi Wine have been seen chilling with him at times.

Ham owns a number of businesses in the country such as the Ham Towers and Ham shopping grounds located in Makerere and in the Central Business District respectively.

His mansion along the shores of Lake Victoria has been a topic of debate a number of times. The palatial home boasts of 25 bedrooms. It also has a customized swimming pool, private home cinema, full spa, gym among other exotic items.

The house is an absolute beauty and a paradise for some people who have had the chance to visit it.

The TNS singer despite having her own mansion located in the exotic Munyonyo neighborhood is no exception when it comes to Ham’s posh mansion.

While appearing in an NBS TV interview, the singer said that she dreams of building a beautified Villa like Ham’s.

“I want to build a house like Hamis Kiggundu’s. I’m not going to rest until I achieve my dreams,” the Nakyuka singer asserted.

Sheebah is one of the most hard-working musicians currently in Uganda. Besides her glittering music career, she has assets and businesses to show off for her sweat.

Her house in Munyonyo is one of those besides having a hair line business, events, Holic pads business. and of recent her new boat cruise business.

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