Sammy Okanya

Sammy Okanya Will Never Have Peace In His Marriage-Olaxes -Blasts Comedian

A few days ago comedian Sammy Okanya of the comedy duo, The Mighty Family shocked the nation when he got married to a woman that looks twice his age.

Many have termed this as a marriage in which the comedian is the one who got married.

It was rumored that Sammy is targeting a US Visa and the luxuries that come along with it.

However the comedian and his sugar mama came out to defend their marriage saying they are deeply in love and head over heels each other.

It was added that Sammy had a young baby mama whom he deserted for the cougar.

However according to Sanyuka Tv presenter Marko, this marriage is a bad influence to the young men out there.

This is because most are going to start ignoring the values of hard work with the hope that sugar mummies are going to marry and provide everything for them.

It’s from this point that Isma Olaxes said that Smamy is going to suffer a lot in this marriage.

Isma added that Sammy is going to be a puppet with no say and enslaved by the woman.

“Sammy is going to suffer a lot in that marriage because he is going to be a puppet and not a husband. He is going to be an enslaved king. First of all he is in a country where he doesn’t know anyone and will be controlled from time to time.” Isma said.

Sammy however is not the first to take the shortest route to a good life.

The likes of Guv’nor Ace, Jose Chameleone have all been there and majority of the young male celebrities.

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