Robin Kisti angry at NBS for choosing Sheila Gashumba over her

Former NTV Login presenter Robin Kisti has come out to bemoan NBS TV for overlooking her abilities and choosing her nemesis Sheila Gashumba instead for the NBS After 5 job.

Kisti who presented one of After 5’s segments this week was one of the people who had applied for the job and she thought she had it under her claws.

She was however shocked to learn that it was taken by Sheila Gsshumba.

Kisti expressed her disappointment in Douglas Lwanga and Mc Kat’s who declined to help her land the role.

“I’m gonna take it personal, yes, I’m mad. I reached out to Kats to help me get back, he said “Okay Siso”, but nothing…I reached out to Douglas, nothing.

They’re all acting like they got amnesia and they don’t know me. But it’s okay, I’ve now known who you all are,” Kisti posted on her Snapchat.

She even further said that Sheila Gashumba lacks the talent and was only picked because of her social media influence.

She nonetheless said that her talent and hard work will surely get her there.

“They will choose numbers over talent, but it’s all good. Talent tediba especially if you keep working towards your dream. Back on the job hunt and I will get one. Naye nga NBS mudabisiza nyo,” she further added.

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