Rema Namakula reveals how she felt listening to her first hit song


Singer Rema Namakula recently in an interview with fellow legendary singer Juliana Kanyomozi came out to reveal how she felt listening to her first hit song for the first time.

Music is like any other business where the profits and rewards give you joy.

Hearing yourself on the speakers in the streets is an eternal feeling especially after a long hustle with no breakthrough hit.

And for Rema it was a tough hustle to break through and when she did, she couldn’t believe it.

The Clear singer revealed that she started music earlier on while in school and later on joined Gagamel under Bebe Cool.

At the Kiwatule based crew, she was required to back up a number of singers till a moment she got fed up and almost gave up.

It was then that Bebe Cool featured her on the Cease and Sekkle song that became a hit.

While traveling one day, she heard it play and couldn’t believe it was her.

“I almost gave up singing because I had waited for so long while backing other musicians. Bebe Cool however invited me to studio and we did Cease and Sekkle. One day I was on a boda and heard it play. I stopped the boda guy to listen to it and when I told him it was me he said I must be drunk,” she said.

She later on left Gagamel and pursued a solo career which has been successful although her former boss Bebe Cool believes she didn’t fulfill all her potentials.

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