Reason why the Bizonto comedy group split revealed


It’s nolonger a secret that city comedic group Bizonto have finally split each going separate ways.

It’s said that the group split over money and contractual disagreements.

It has however been revealed that the lead actor Sabazonto registered the group as his own hence excluding his fellows.

Sabazonto went ahead to send the rest contracts to sign and work for him.

“We are no longer in the Bizonto group. Over the weekend, Sabazonto registered our group without our knowledge and he owned it, he sent us applications that we apply in this group with and on top of that we sign a contract. To be sincere it is because we all know there is a lot of money coming and that is the reason he did that.” two of the members said.

This is not the first time the group is splitting.

Last year one of the members Dr T.amale broke away from the group citing infiltration of politics into the group.

The sides started exchanging different accusations that even included witchcraft.

T.amale however reconciled with the group a few weeks ago but both parties said that they wouldn’t be working together for the time being.

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