Reason why Bajjo Events Almost Killed Alien Skin Revealed

Social media was thrown into shock last night after promoter Andrew Bajjo almost had singer Alien Skin killed. A video that circulated on social media showed a security officer firing bullets into Party singer’s car tyres.

News has it that the singer knocked the events promoter’s car and tried to run away.

A scuffle then ensued amongst people around. Some were heard asking who the heck Alien Skin thinks he is. Police then came by amd tried to arrest Alien and his boys before things got so physical.

However, some other onlookers told Police to arrest the singer in a respectful way since he’s a celebrity. Apparently the news was shared by another promoter, Abtex through his Face page.

He went ahead to warn the Fangon boss that he had taken a dangerous road that can cost his life. It should be noted that Bajjo together with Abtex have been beefing the singer ever since he fell out with them a couple of months ago over his Nkwacho festival.

Therefore, it’s believed that the two are fighting so hard to foil the singer’s music career. We shall be providing you with further details in regards to this story.





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