Rabadaba Calls Full Figure, Madrat&Chiko Empty Tins

Local dancehall singer Faisal Seguya recently lost his cool about critics who have continued to talk ill about his marriage to Nalongo Maggie Kaweesi.

The two recently got married in an Islamic wedding. However most people have come out to criticize the marriage of the two.

These include comedians Madrat and Chiko, Full Figure, Kato Lubwama, Wisdom Kaye among others.

These say that it was Maggie who married the Mukyamu singer.

Others went ahead to allege that Rabadaba was just broke and only wants to use Maggie to get money and British citizenship.

The singer however through an interview with Spark TV lost his cool and attacked his critics calling them empty tins who have nothing to do.

“I come from a rich family. My father is not a beggar and neither am I. I studied from some of the best schools in the country. Even during the lockdown, I donated six tonnes of maize to the government to give to the poor so how can you say am poor. I have been living in Muyenga for 8 years a place you all well know is for the rich. I just recently moved to Munyonyo because I got married.” Rabadaba said.

The singer added that all those who were attacking him were just jealous and idle.

He further went on a rant saying these are naysayers whose opinion doesn’t count a single second.

“All these people who are talking about my marriage are just empty tins and stupid. The likes of Madrat and Chiko, Full figure, Wisdom Kaye. All they know is to go shouting at people on social media but they

should know that I don’t care about their opinions. I was just brought up in a good family where I know that a man has to marry.” Rabadaba added.

The singer seems to have gotten angry at all the swirling negative talk about his recent marriage to Maggie.

Rabadaba added that he and Maggie fell in love at the age of 14 in 1999 and what they did was just meant to be.

It’s Maggie’s recent history of dating celebrities that has brought about all this talk.

She has dated a couple of men in the limelight such as Grenade Official and the late AK47 who she shares a set of twins with.

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