Please pay me in installments – Zulanda pleads with Bebe Cool


Singer/songwriter Zulanda has come out to plead with singer Bebe Cool to pay his dues which he owes him.

The ‘Nkeguya’ singer claims to have written the “Mwongere Akalulu” song which Bebe Cool sang for President Museveni prior it the January 2021 presidential election.

Despite the song not having been endorsed by NRM after Ronald Mayinja’e was chosen, Zulanda says he wants to be paid.

He added that he wrote the song for Ugx 50M and Bebe Cool was paid Ugx 100M for it.

He added that he has a lot of financial struggles he wants to offset.

““I beg Bebe Cool to pay me. I have a family and very many problems. Even if he pays in installments, I will be grateful. I will withdraw every single statement, I made against him,” Zulanda said.

Bebe Cool has however never come out to talk about this issue whether it’s true or not.

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