Pastors up in arms against fellow pastor, Aloysius Bugingo


Some renowned pastors have rose up to defend the church and criticise House of Prayer Ministries International (HPMI) founder, Aloysius Bugingo over his recent introduction with his mistress Susan Makula.

The pastor and his girlfriend over the weekend held a lavish introduction ceremony in Kyebando a Kampala suburb.

However some pastors Including the likes of Jackson Ssenyonga and Martin Ssempa have come out to criticise Bugingo’s actions.

The Christian Life Church in Kavule founder said that Bugingo has a demon of fornication that is bothering him.

He wondered how a pastor of his calibre can do such a thing yet he’s even still legally married to his wife Teddy Bugingo.

“What your doing is prostitution. A man who claims to be a pastor can’t file for a divorce unless he has different spirits in him forcing him to do what he is doing. Filing for a divorce woth a wife immediately shows you’re a prostitute,” Pastor Ssenyonga said.

Makerere Community Church pastor, Martin Ssempa on the other hand said that Bugingo is misleading his flock.

Ssempa said that what Bugingo is simply committing adultery.

He also said that the likes of Bugingo are the reason why pastors are nolonger respected and taken serious by the public.

But somewhere Bugingo is busy rhyming to Chance Nalubega’s song ‘Ab’enugu.’

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