Pastor Mondo Offers To Pray For Doreen Kabareebe Over Nudity


Socialite Pastor, Mondo Mugisha came out in a local interview to talk about a few things that are going on in the entertainment world in Uganda.

The Pastor who fled Uganda to the US last year over fraud charges talked about model Doreen Kabareebe who he said needs spiritual Deliverance.

Mondo said that even the Bible says that religious leaders should look for the lost sheep and it’s the reason he’s more into the secular world.

“Doreen is like a sister and friend to me and therefore needs special spiritual healing. Even the holy books says we should look out for people like her who hang in bars,” Pastor Mondo said.

The model is famed for her nudity photos on social media as she doesn’t shy away from baring it all for everyone to see.

Mondo also talked about the reunion of Bebe Cool and Chameleone saying that it’s very fine for them to do so if it pleases them.

He said that it’s a wrong concept for people to assume that anyone who doesn’t support NUP is politically myopic.

Mondo added that there are people like him who believe in the NUP principle Robert Kyagulanyi but not the party.

Mondo also cautioned people to watch out for the President’s son in-law Rwabwogo who he said will shock the world.

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