Pastor Manjeri cries in front of camera while addressing her marriage


Bethel Healing Ministries Pastor, Irene Manjeri couldn’t hold back sobbing in a recording played on Spark TV while addressing her marriage crisis.

The Pastor who has been appearing on the news over her failed marriage with husband Dr Vincent Katongole seems like she hasn’t gotten over the disappointment yet.

Pastor Manjeri in the video said that she has never signed any divorce papers.

She also learned it from the media just like other people but has never been served a divorce paper.

Manjeri wondered why her husband continued bedding her if he knew that they were completely divorced.

“We have never divorced and he’s just peddling lies. I wouldn’t have refused to sign the divorce papers if they were served to me. Why did he continue sleeping with me if he knows that we were legally divorced. He has always been coming at my church to preach and I would accord him the respect any man would deserve. Does he mean he was only using me? Isn’t he ashamed of himself if this was the case,” Manjeri questioned.

She added that she has tolerated her man for a long time and the relationship has been abusive.

Manjeri added that almost all their family friends knew about his infidelity and some had advised her to also get married to another man.

The pastor added that she’s shocked that some people who know the truth have decided to side with her husband and supplement his lies.

Manjeri said that even her children including the twins they share want to come out and give their side of the story.

The Pastor said that she had decided to keep quiet but the husband’s lies keep provoking

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  1. This is luciferian agenda please just understand that we are in endtime watchout ezek38:

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