Pallaso further follows Davido in giving challenge money to charity


A few days ago singer Pallaso through his social media pages requested for help from his fans to help him raise 100 million shillings to rescue his Range Rover that was impounded by URA.

The Baleke Abo singer did this after copying Davido’s challenge in which the Nigerian collected over 200 million Nairas.

Davido announced that he was giving out this money to orphanages across Nigeria and even added 50 million Nairas from his own pocket.

Pallaso with his 5.4 million shillings collected also gave it out to sick singer Oscar a former member of the group Big Tym.

The sucker free boss then added 3.1 million shillings from his own pocket to make 7.5 million shillings which he gave out to the Ghetto Triplet Kids.

“I jumped on the Davido Challenge a few days ago as I told my fans I wanted to rescue my Range Rover. I however didn’t need it. I was able to collect 5.4m shillings and gave 1m to fellow sick singer Oscar. I remained with 4.4 million and topped it up with 3.1m from my own pocket,” Pallaso said.

The Triplets lead dancer Patricia thanked Pallaso for his generosity for bailing them out of the tough situation they have been in.

She revealed that with performances halted, they are currently facing a lot of challenges and Pallaso’s donation was a huge relief to them.

“We are really grateful to uncle Pallaso. We didn’t truly expect this and thought he’s just coming for a visit. He’s one of those people who has loved and supported us. Many people think that we are rich but it’s the opposite. We don’t have much on us and we sometimes go hungry. We don’t have any sponsors,” Patricia said.

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