Mbarara Students photos

“Open Schools Now” Parents cry as Mbarara students share half n#de photos on the internet

Parents all over Uganda are crying to the government to speed up the opening of institutions of learning citing moral decadence among the idle students in the holidays.

This comes after a set of photos allegedly from students in Mbarara hit the internet showing girls and boys in their teen ages having illicit moments.

The photos that appeared on the internet this week show various young boys either kissing, or touching in places of ‘inconvenience’ of young girls.

In other photos, a pair of girls could be seen hugging and kissing the one boy while topless.

Most of these photoshoots have been blamed on western media especially movies and western music which has influenced the way young people behave sexually.

Others are blaming such acts to delayed opening of schools by the government which has given students ample time to involve themselves in such degrading acts.

Schools in Uganda have been closed for close to two years which has increased the rate of early marriages, teen pregnancies and dropouts.

The government has already set January 10th 2022 as the date for the opening of pre-university institutions; however the opening is being threatened by the breakout of Omicron COVID-19 variant which was first detected in Botswana and South Africa.

Schools will open, but what is not yet clear is whether the damage done by the prolonged closure of schools will be reversed.

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