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Omulangira Suuna Exposed For Playing Stunts With Wife’s Property

Ugandan musicians are so desperate at times that they will really do anything to get media attention all in the name of relevance.

Faded Ugandan musician Omulangira Suuna came out a few days ago to display some of his properties.

These included a large chunk of land containing trees and two storied buildings under construction.

The Joanna singer bragged about how this is all his property adding that it’s assets any man should have before turning 40 years.

However, during the Sanyuka TV morning Xpress program it was revealed by one of the presenters that OS was just playing a stunt.

The presenter said that he questioned OS where he gets the money from since he’s not one of the best selling musicians and the singer said he has his businesses.

After doing research, it was found that the properties belong to his wife.

“I asked Suuna how he got the money to build two flat houses and he said he has his own businesses. I went down to research and found that the house he was playing stunts with was built by his wife.” The TV presenter said.

Social media blogger Isma Olaxees who was in studio said that OS is not a young man.

He only appears young because he is malnourished according to Isma.

Kay’s also added in saying that he shouldn’t play such stunts because he has nothing to prove to anyone.

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