Omulangira Suuna

Omulangira Suuna Bitter With Bloggers, Cries In Press Conference

Local singer Omulangira Suuna commonly known as OS yesterday cried at a press conference while addressing the statements that have been made by bloggers about his assets.

The singer a few days ago flaunted his assets in public which included a storied building and a forest.

Suuna said that he had accumulated all this though his businesses which he didn’t disclose.

However, according to local bloggers, the Love yo singer was only showing off with assets of his sugar mama.

These added that Suuna was riding high on the power of his bedminton skills.

This did not sit down well with the singer who decided to hold a press conference to address the rumors once and for all.

Suuna said that he was disappointed with unprofessional journalists who report news without fact finding .

He said that he’s in a showbiz industry and therefore showing off his properties should not be a problem to anyone.

The singer then said that all those doubting his assets should parade the real owners and disprove his claims.

It was from this point that he broke down in tears saying that he has mature kids who read all the garbage written about him in the news.

” I’m in the showbiz industry and therefore reserve the right to show off my properties. Those who are saying I don’t own them should bring the real owners. The problem with Ugandan bloggers is the unprofessionalism. Why don’t u fact check and investigate. I have mature children who read about this trash you write about me.” The singer lamented.

Suuna wondered why these bloggers also don’t make a fuss about the expensive videos he shoots.

Suuna who has been faded in the past few years added that he has sued a TV station and some bloggers for tarnishing his name.

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