Odrek Rwabwogo

Odrek Rwabwogo Brands Tamale Mirundi A Mad Man

Mr Odrek Rwabwogo the Presidential advisor on special duties has finally come out to address the continuous accusations labeled onto him by the former presidential press secretary Tamale Mirundi.

The President’s son in-law branded Tamale Mirundi a mad man who should be receiving mental rehabilitation in Butabika Hospital.

Mirundi has severally fueled rumors about Rwabwogo’s intentions of taking over from President Museveni.

The son of Mirundi went ahead to say that Rwabwogo is sponsored by the Mafias in the country who control all state affairs.

Rwabwogo though keeping a low profile is a high ranking business and statesman who doubles as a motivational speaker.

Mirundi further accuses Rwabwogo having orchestrated his dismissal from State house as the presidential press secretary.

Rwabwogo who isn’t new in controversies concerning the presidency said that he wouldn’t be surprised spotting Mirundi walking naked on the streets.

“I was told he said that had audio recordings of me in a meeting talking about the sell of human organs. That man is mad. Let him bring the evidence or sue me to the courts of law.” Rwabwogo said.

He further blamed media houses that give Mirundi space to air these baseless allegations.

Tamale Mirundi has a huge following in the public who subscribe to his conspiracy and controversial theories.

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