Nubian Li’s Wife On Why She Tattooed His Face On Herself

Singer Nubian Li’s wife Gloria Mutoni Salha came out to reveal why she tatooed the singer’s face on herself during an interview with a local TV.

She got this tatoo while he was still in prison and she says it was an affirmative of her love to him.

Salha also said that he was impressed with the tattoo.

She was questioned what will happen to it if he ever leaves her and she said it will be him who will have chucked her and not her.

“He liked the tattoo and it was just an indication of how much I love him. Well if he ever leaves me, it will be him who will have left me and not me. However, I don’t think that will happen because we have been through a lot together.” Salha said.

An example is of Sheila Gashumba who had to erase God’s plan’s tattoo on herself after the two broke up.

Meanwhile it’s evident that Salha loves her man having recently converted to Islam just to be compatible with the singer from where she adopted the Islamic name Salha.

Meanwhile she swore in yesterday as the deputy mayor of Nakawa division.

This was after her landslide victory in the LC3 elections for Kyanja parish in the elections a few months ago.

Nubian Li took to his social media pages to congratulate his wife and wished her all the best and God’s guidance in her new chapter.

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