Nubian Li says Bobi Wine trusts him more than his brothers


They say sometimes the friends you make and keep can be so pivotal in your life at times than your own family.

This seems the case with Fire Base Crew’s top two leaders Nubian Li and Bobi Wine.

Nubian Li recently came out to say that his friendship with Bobi Wine is lifetime and he (Bobi Wine) even trusts him more than some of his relatives and other friends.

The singer added it’s for this reason that the former presidential candidate was his best man as he married off his long time baby mama Mutoni Salha.

“He trusts me more than most of our friends and family. I nominated him for the 2021 elections and it is not by mistake that he is my best man,” Nubian Li said.

The pair have formed a friendship through music dating way back to the early 2000’s.

Their bond is very strong as each one has stood by the side of one another through even the most turbulent times.

Nubian Li has and is still a big part of the singer turned politician’s careers musically and politically.

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