Navio Deserts Music For Farming

Daniel Kigozi aka Navio has taken to his social media pages to assert the saying that “Enkumbi telimba” meaning the hoe does not lie after showing off his reaps from his farm.

The singer said that he had decided to venture into farming since the music industry is still on lockdown.

Musicians have in the past two years been on a lockdown with no performances allowed to go on due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

This has greatly affected musicians who were earning some reasonable income to sustain themselves.

And with most of them having no investments to support them in such hard financial times, they have resorted to begging the government for handouts

However, this not something the “Njogeleza” rapper waited for as he decided to venture into the gold of Uganda, agriculture.

In the social media post, Navio lists some of the produce they have at his farm as he asks people to support him.

“At a time when the music is still on hold, I decided to go to the farm. These are fresh eggs from Zuri Model Farms. We also have matooke, sweet potatoes, maize, hens go meat among others.” Navio wrote alongside numerous trays of eggs

Coming from the rich family like Navio’s, one would expect him to be seated home comfortably enjoying the family wealth, he’s however showed that having does not stop him from working hard to achieve more.

This is a thing majority Ugandan musicians have failed to master only having to live off money from their music directly.

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