My Mother Threatened To Kill Me-Iryn Namubiru

Popular diva and sexy songstress Iryn Namubiru has come out again to shed light on the worsening situation between her and mother, Justine Namawejje.

A few weeks back, the mesmerizing singer came out and alleged that if anything happened to her, her mother should be the first person to be questioned.

This follows a land wrangle that the two are embedded in. The ‘Biroowozo’ singer claims to have inherited a one acre piece of land from her maternal grandfather, a thing Namubiru’s mother refutes.

Namubiru backed by her maternal aunt tussled it out in court against her mother who was flanked by her son, Namubiru’s brother last month. Court then adjourned them to a later date whilst giving them time to settle the issue outside court which failed.

While speaking in a radio interview on radio Simba, the singer said that her mom had filed three lawsuits against her.

“I was surprised when court summoned me on allegations of stealing land that I have used for more than 20 years. Everyone knows I inherited this land from my grandfather, my mother inclusive. She filed three lawsuits, one in Makindye, another in Mityana and Mubende. We are expected to return to court on 15th June and see how this ends.” Namubiru said.

She was further asked why she could not leave the piece of land since it’s not that big, besides, she has worked almost half her life and should be well off other than fighting her own mother. Namubiru said that she’s only trying to defend herself since she was prosecuted.

“I don’t know why people say am fighting my own mother. She took me to courts of law accusing me of trying to steal her land. So am only defending myself because once I lose this lawsuit, I will have to pay more than shs50 million.” The singer added.

Namubiru who hibernated her music career for now added that she was once threatened with death by her mother.

” If I was a thief trying to steal land, I could have started with the 11 decimals she gave me herself in Lubowa. It’s the more expensive compared to the land in Mubende. She even signed the necessary documents and gave them to me while handing the land to me. However,she told me if I ever step on that land, they would kill me.” Namubiru lamented.

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