My husband is a liar, Pr Manjeri and husband’s marriage woes take another twist

It seems like the embattled couple of Bethel Healing Ministries lead pastors Irene Manjeri and Dr Vincent Katongole is not about to get out of the news.

Pr Manjeri has now come out to label her husband an outrageous liar after saying they divorced many years ago.

In a letter she wrote to Spark TV, Pastor Manjeri says she has never signed any divorce papers as her husband claimed.

She went ahead to trash the allegations that he locked him out of their marital home a couple of times.

Manjeri said that they live with many people at their home and there is no way such behavior could have gone on.

The heartbroken pastor denied even of ever threatening him with an Ak47 adding that if this was so, the security guard could have reported her behavior to the authorities.

Pr Manjeri went ahead to say that unlike Dr Katongole’s claims of not living together for the last 13 years, it’s quite the opposite because he has been camping at their home and even engaging in marital affairs with her.

She questioned why if they had divorced he has been preaching at the church.

“I have never been served or signed court documents instigating a divorce. That’s a complete lie. I have even never locked him outside the house because we live as many people in the house. Threatening him with a gun is a complete lie because the security guard could have reported me to the authorities. We have been living together in Uganda and the US for the past 14 years he claims to have been away. Why has he then been continuing to come and preach at the church if we were nolonger together,” Pastor Manjeri wondered.

The two sides keep on accusing each other with fresh allegations each day.

At first it was Pastor Manjeri accusing her husband of infidelity and walking away from their 27 year marriage.

The husband, Dr Katongole then came out to say that he felt threatened and enslaved in their marriage hence deciding to walk away.

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