My Fart Smells So Good- Lucky Mbabazi

Capital FM presenter Lucky Mbabazi has come out to tell how glad she is finally being able to smell her own fart again.

The gorgeous presenter a few weeks ago got infected with the fatal COVID- 19 flu.

She came out tearily in a video to describe how it had tortured her psychologically. This was because she was not able to spend time with her family as before and how she would have loved to.

She talked of how she was unable to smell how body soap and added that even when she ate things like chicken, it would taste like sponge.

Lucky however in a tweet said it felt so good that after three weeks she was able to smell her own fart again.

She added that this could sound disgusting to the normal people but to COVID- 19 victims, it’s a priceless moment.

“I just smelt my fart for the first time in 3 weeks. You see for a normal person this sounds disgusting right, but for someone who has just recovered from covid19 and couldn’t smell anything at all,this is a beautiful moment.” The tweet read.

Loss of sense of smell and taste are one of the effects that come along with covid 19.

With the ongoing deadly second wave that is seemingly very deadly, people have been advised to keep o safe, follow the SOPs and follow the recently issued presidential guidelines.

Lucky who is married to Kfm sports journalist Patrick Kanyomozi went ahead to rally people to keep safe and look after themselves.

Lucky is one of a few celebrities such as Ykee Benda, Irene Ntale, Bebe Cool who have suffered from the deadly virus.

These have however fortunately recovered.

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