My beef with Bobi Wine is professional ad not personal – Bebe Cool


Big Size Bebe Cool has come out to give another insight into the tens of years beef he has with singer turned politician Bobi Wine.

The Gagamel boss said that their beef is professional and not personal as most people allege.

Bebe Cool said that he has never wished any bad thing to happen to him and would pick him up if he fell.

“On my side, I wouldn’t wish him dead and it will never happen. I would pick him up at his weakest,” Bebe Cool said.

The Love you everyday singer said that for this reason, he can’t allow anyone who claims to belong to his side to attack the Fire base leader’s wife and kids.

Bebe Cool said that despite the many differences he has with the former presidential candidate, he respects his family because he’s a family man too.

“I do not agree with Bobi Wine on many things, but his children and wife are a no-go zone. I am not going to be friends with anyone attacking Bobi Wine’s wife. Yes, we do not talk, he does not come to my home, but I don’t want any of my fans and followers abusing Barbie or his children,” Bebe revealed.

The two started out together in the early 2000’s forming the Fire Base Crew to fight Jose Chameleone who was their biggest musical nemesis then.

Bebe and Bobi however later fell out and their beef is one of the most publicised in the music industry.

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