Musicians should learn to have more investments- Spice Diana

Local female singer Hajarah Namukwaya aka Spice Diana has come out to advise fellow musicians to master the art of investment and business.

This follows a tight lockdown over the COVID 19 pandemic that has seen musicians out of performances for the past two years.

This is something that has greatly damaged their welfare with majority resorting to beggars of government handouts.

Musicians have always long been called upon to invest more into business.

This is because a time comes when they are no longer selling the great records they used to at the peak of their careers.

However, few have heeded to these calls a reason they are suffering greatly.

This is where the Kokonya singer came out to advise fellow artistes that if there is one thing the pandemic has taught them, it should be investing in other businesses.

“We should learn to have other investments as musicians. That’s what I have learned from this pandemic.

I also learned to organize my social media so I can earn from it. That small money from YouTube and endorsements has helped me survive.” Spice Diana said while appearing on NBS TV.

She was speaking ahead of the UG Connect concert that is set to be held over the weekend.

This will be organized to help musicians to obtain some money although it will be scientific and it will be a series of concerts.

The show will air on NBS TV on Saturday from 4pm-7pm.

Some of the guest performers on this first concert will be Spice Diana, David Lutalo, Winnie Nwagi among others.

One of the organizers Isaac Ruuci said they shall be having concerts every weekend going forward and by the time they hit 25 concerts, they might start having musical battles among different artistes.

Spice Diana added that it was not easy to have online concerts but they will have to adjust because that is the direction the world is talking.

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