Betty Amongi

Minister Betty Among Has Warned Stingy Men Off The Afghan Refugee Women

The Minister of Gender, Labour and Social Development, Government of Uganda and Oyam South MP Hon Betty Amongi has come out to warn all those Ugandan men who belong to the Stingy men’s association not to joyously wait for the Afghan women.

It should be recalled that government announced this week how it had permitted around 2000 Afghan refugees to come to the country.

This came after the persuasion of the US towards the Uganda government.

Hon Amongi joked that it’s rare to see Ugandans especially men siding with government policies but this time they are willing to work with it.

She however hoped these do not belong to the stingy men who don’t give transport money before she went ahead to tag senior political analyst Andrew Mwenda and DP president Nobert Mao.

“I have seen our Ugandan men praying for safe landing of Afghanistan refugees, and sharing various photos of ladies as below. They are promising total support and cooperation with government this time on this project! hope it’snot Stingy men Association

@norbertmao.” Hon Betty Amongi tweeted.

It should be recalled that following the downfall of the Afghan government at the hands of the Taliban militants, many Afghans have fled and many more are still fleeing the war torn country.

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